It’s gonna be wicked!

Wicked means “awesome” or “amazing” or “fantastic” – this is slang (),  and it seems quite American, but actually you do hear it in the UK from time to time. Gonna, of course, is a shortened form of “going to”. 

Tonight’s party is gonna be wicked!

The holiday was wicked! We had the best time of our lives.

It was wicked seeing the athletes at the Olympics. 

Flying a plane is totally wicked. 

Out of the woodwork

What normally comes out of wood, in real life? The answer: bugs/insects (虫子). Normally the insects hide inside the wood – for instance, in a tree – but sometimes they come out. This expression means that something was hidden but then comes out – and like insects – it is not a positive meaning. For example,

When I won the lottery, my friends all started coming out of the woodwork, even if I hadn’t spoken to them in years.

Whenever a crowd starts protesting about something, anyone else who is unhappy comes out of the woodwork too and starts protesting as well.

Critics came out of the woodwork to attack the new film.


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